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Hi, I’m Mark Holahan. I’ve played drums avocationally for 40 years. I’ve studied with Dan Fitzgerald (a graduate of the Eastman School of Music) and Marc DiCianni (Dean, College of Performing Arts at The University of the Arts). I’ve played semi-professionally for the last 20 years having played on two dozen albums. I currently play drums, in the Philadelphia area, in three cover bands, two churches, and do occasional project work with an established singer/songwriter (more detail below).

Musicians describe my playing as passionate, intricate, dynamic, and entirely dependable.

I play to win! I play for the song: I can whisper with hand percussion; I can scale out to stadium rock on the drum set. I will be your “pocket protector!” I’m comfortable with pop, rock, funk, Latin, swing, Reggae, and combinations therein. I’m an intermediate percussion reader. I have professional gear, a professional disposition, a producer’s ear and would like to work with you on your next project!

Contact me at mark@heydba.net

Gig Calendar: to see my known music events.

Please find a few endorsements and playing samples below.


“Mark’s technical strength is shaped by a great sense of pulse and musicality. He’s fun to work with and contributes to an ensemble getting it right.”

Dr. Ron Matthews
Pastor of Worship Arts
Church of the Saviour, Wayne, PA

“Mark H is my first call drummer for, well, everything I do: studio, or live venue. I call him ‘my atomic clock with impeccable feel’! His understanding of vast musical styles from the early 70’s all the way to modern day is a huge asset to me as a musical director, band leader and arranger/producer. He’s more than a great drummer. He’s a producer, whose ears I’ve come to depend on in all musical situations.”

Grant Birchard
President/Lead Producer, New Destiny Productions, Philadelphia, PA
Grammy-Nominated Producer/Grammy-Winning Engineer
Assoc. Director of Worship Arts, Church of the Saviour, Wayne PA

“Mark Holahan has been playing drums on my demos for years. I continually trust him to deliver creatively and with solid musicianship every time on a recording session. During e-sessions, Mark sets the feel and style for A-list, go-to master track level Nashville recording musicians and singers who record along-side his precise and creative Pro Tools tracks.  The song demos Mark and our Nashville musicians record are pitched to producers up and down ‘Music Row’ in Nashville’s brutally competitive song selection environment.  Known for his creative drum hits and fills, Mark delivers for us–plain and simple.  He will for your recording project too!”

Tom Flocco, songwriter
Net Casting Music, BMI
Philadelphia and Nashville

“Mark is one of the most creative, talented and inspiring drummers I’ve ever played with. He takes each of my songs to the next level with inventive rhythms and original style. He is able to cross genres with ease and would be an asset as a seasoned session musician for both live and studio projects.”

Angela Burns, singer/songwriter/recording artist, Wilmington, DE

“I have recorded and performed with Mark for over 20 years. Mark has repeatedly fulfilled the call for the right drum performance. He takes the necessary time asking questions and seeks to understand requirements first. His devotion to study, learn and practice is commendable, not found in most drummers. He also strives to improve his role by further seeking instruction for the betterment of the ensemble through critic and review. I, along with others enjoy the craft of music making when Mark is on the throne! (The drum throne, that is…)”

Greg Hytha, Recording artist, worship leader, Grace Valley Fellowship, Phoenixville, PA


Playing Samples:

“Last Kiss” 4-4- pop with “e-session” Nashville pros. Recorded 2017.

By Tom Flocco & Grant Birchard
© 2017 Net Casting Music (BMI), New Destiny Music (SESAC)
(All rights reserved. Transmission or posting of this song not permitted without prior written consent.)


“Key West Summer Nights” 4-4 pop with “e-session” Nashville pros. Recorded 2016.

By Tom Flocco & Grant Birchard
© 2016 Net Casting Music (BMI), New Destiny Music (SESAC)
(All rights reserved. Transmission or posting of this song not permitted without prior written consent.)


“Back in the Country” Four-on-floor pop with “e-session” Nashville pros. Recorded 2014.

By Tom Flocco, Grant Birchard & Bette Ferris
© 2014 Net Casting Music (BMI), New Destiny Music (SESAC)
(All rights reserved. Transmission or posting of this song not permitted without prior written consent.)


“One Man Woman” 4-4 pop ballad with “e-session” Nashville pros. Recorded 2014.

By Grant Birchard, Tom Flocco & Albert Bien
© 2014 Net Casting Music (BMI), New Destiny Music (SESAC)
(All rights reserved. Transmission or posting of this song not permitted without prior written consent.)


“Patience” 4-4 pop shuffle recorded 2012.

By Angela Burns ©2007


“Arbitrary Mind” 4-4 pop shuffle recorded 2012.

By Angela Burns ©2011


“Little Box” 6-8 pop recorded 2012.

By Angela Burns ©2006


“Beautiful Girl” 4-4 rock. A tune my nephew wrote, arranged, and produced! (he’s on lead vocal and acoustic guitar). Recorded 2003.

By John-Michael Holahan ©2003


Here’s a song I produced (recorded, edited, mixed, wrote and programmed string arrangement, played drums on). My friend, bassist extraordinaire, Larry Clark contributed his skill. Recorded 1997 – 2002 (long story).

“Day After Day” 4-4 synth pop

By Monisha Endigeri ©1997


“Summer” (I think) 4-4 pop/rock. Here’s a song from the way back–1985! My friends Steve Pizzuto (guitar) and Jim Hanna (bass) had a great time recording a few original tunes at Gary Holt’s studio. Roto toms!

By Pizzuto, Hanna, Holahan ©1985



These three short videos capture an “Angela Burns Band” performance from the 2015 Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. The band features the very talented singer/songwriter/keyboardist Angela Burns, the gifted Grant Birchard (guitar, keys, organ), and the fantastic, funky Freddie Guiliano (bass).

Angela Burns Musikfest Part I

Angela Burns Musikfest Part II

Angela Burns Musikfest Part III

My less serious side at a 2015 Mission Street, Halloween gig.

I’ve played “Message in a Bottle” so many times, I could play it my sleep shark suit.


Current Projects:

Cover Bands:

I’m currently play in four cover bands, one church, and collaborate with one singer/songwriter:

Pushin Time: My primary classic pop/rock cover band. We cover music from the 40’s forward. High-caliber musicians. High-class individuals including: aspiring/inspiring vocalist Rosalind “Roz” Yacoe, guitarist/vocalist extraordinaire Joe Ruggiero, exceptional vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Doyle, superb bassist Jeff Moss, and Music Incarnate Grant Birchard (well, Grant plays keys an sings harmonies in this context).

Counting Stars: This is my newest project. Just taking shape…

Rhythm & Blondes: I go way back with the amazing pianist/vocalist Greg Hytha. This jazz/pop ensemble features Greg’s daughter, vocalist, Carrie and saxophonist (multi-instrumentalist) Jamie Wikso. Carrie and Jamie are the “blondes”; I’m a “rhythm.”


Church of the Saviour: My home church in Wayne, PA. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of making music with the inimitable Grant Birchard for 20 years. I’ve also had the privilege to sit under the aegis of Dr. Ron Matthew–an extraordinary musician!

Grace Valley Fellowship: Greg Hytha invited me to play at his home church in Phoenixville, PA. This young fellowship hungers for truth!

Angela Burns: I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with this gifted singer/songwriter since 2011. She’s deft at writing thoughtful, clever lyrics against syncopated arrangements.


My awesome daughter Justina Caitlin sings Bareilles’ “Gravity”


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